Market Leader

Invivo5 is the most preferred software for CBCT users. Invivo5 sets the bench mark target for other software. Invivo5 has brought 3D innovations that set the standard in the current industry. Used by major CBCT manufacturers, major academic institutions, top private practices, opinion leaders and researchers around the world, the Invivo5 software has become the market leader.

One Software For All 3D Applications

Invivo5 is comprehensive and covers all clinical applications such as Implantology, CAD/CAM, Orthodontics, Oral Surgery, Periodontics, Prosthodontics, Radiology, Medicine and General Science. Invivo5 broadly covers diagnosis, treatment planning, custom appliance ordering and cloud data Users don't need to switch to another 3D software for each task. Invivo5 can cover the entire work-flow.

Proven Easy To Use

3D imaging is complex, many software claim to be easy to use but there is only one experts agree is easy to use. With intuitive software like Invivo5, you will be spending less time figuring it out and more time doing exactly what you want. The intelligent design of Invivo5 allows clinicians to intuitively utilize it immediately.


Volume Rendering

Anatomage is famous for its high quality volume rendering. Anatomage is the first company to introduce the current 3D volume rendering that is widely used in the dental industry. The volume rendering shows the clear internal structure such as teeth root, bone, sinus and airway. Invivo5 offers even better visualization options visualizing the surface of the bones, TMJ. Invivo5 can render the highest resolution possible in CBCT in to full accurate volume rendering with smooth and fast performance. This translates into very accurate fast diagnosis without struggling to get the right view. Compare Invivo5 to any other software, and you can easily see why Anatomage’s rendering is superior.

  • High Quality Accurate Rendering
  • Fast Real Time Rendering
  • Quick Switch to Anatomy Specific Rendering

Volume Rendering Bone Volume Rendering Volume Rendering Torso
Radiology Applications

Invivo5 is used for medical radiology diagnosis. It opens Medical CT, MRI, Dental CBCT or any other medical images in the standard DICOM format. It has easy and versatile Radiology layouts for implant assessments, impactions, TMJ workups, sinus evaluations, and airway assessments. Create traditional reconstructions such as Panoramic and Cephalometric images. Print images in 1:1 life size formats with customized logo options and image notations. Easily share cases with other doctors with the free Invivo Viewer.

  • Medical CT, Medical MRI, Dental CBCT Compatibility
  • Quick and Easy Radiology Reports
  • 1:1 Life Size Printing
  • Free viewer for Sharing Data

Nerve Tracing Slices TMJ

Implant Planning

Visually impressive implant planning that’s easy to accomplish makes Invivo5 the most popular implant planning 3D software. Invivo5 allows the placement of implants directly into 3D DICOM data, with no conversion or modeling necessary. Design custom abutments that can be exported and directly integrated in to a milling system. Treatment plan implants and restorations for bridges, dentures, immediate provisional cases, and more.

Immediate implant planning makes Invivo5 a very powerful patient consultation and communication tool that can be used chair-side. Anatomage’s own surgical guide will then take your virtual treatment and make it reality.

  • Fast and immediate. No Conversions, No Modeling
  • Accurate Diagnosis with Visualization
  • CAD/CAM restoration integration
  • Easy Surgical Guide System

The implant tab's video tool automatically creates a simulation of the implant placement. Just edit your parameters and you will be ready to capture a video for implant case presentation.

Implant planning Implant planning Implant planning

Orthodontic Applications
Invivo5 offers powerful innovations for orthodontic practices. It allows impression-less root form dental models with AnatoModel: An impression-less study model created from CBCT scans that contains not just crowns but roots, developing teeth, impactions and alveolar bone. 3D face with regular digital patient photographs. Advanced 3D cephalometric analysis shows easy and accurate true 3D analysis. With the 3D Analysis module clinicians can create their own 3D cephalometric analysis that is compatible with their existing 2D analysis. Also, doctors can perform TAD planning with confidence on the location.

  • No Impression. Study Model with roots.
  • 3D Cephalometric Analysis
  • Airway analysis
  • TAD planning
AnatoModel AnatoModel AnatoModel

InVivoDental and TxSTUDIO software are FDA cleared class II medical devices.
InVivoDental and TxSTUDIO software version 5.3 has been approved for European market with marking CE 0473.
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3D Analysis

The 3D Analysis module for InVivoDental brings together 2D and 3D Cephalometric Analysis. This revolutionary module has recently been updated with exciting new features. Surgical soft tissue simulations, fully customizable 3D landmarks, and automatic landmark orientation are just a few of the great case presentation and analysis tools.


In today’s world there are new technological advancements constantly. With so many different technologies organizing your image data can be challenging. Collage will accept all of your images and display them seamlessly. Streamline your workflow, and save time with Collage.


The creators of the award winning InVivo5 3D imaging software are proud to introduce the next generation in dental patient education. Anatomage’s Visage software is a 3D patient education tool wherein virtual procedures can be seen and interacted with from any angle. Patients can visually comprehend their treatment plan like never before.

Visage demo
Medical Design Studio

Medical Design Studio is a sophisticated software tool that specializes in the design of 3D models from medical images. Using standard CT or MRI scans, one can create 3D models of the anatomy or import an existing 3D model of a medical device and customize it to fit to the patient’s anatomy. The software could be used for conceptual design, design improvement, clinical validations, and even patient-specific custom manufactured devices.

Medical Design Studio Top

3D Stitching Plugin is an optional tool for InVivoDental. This plugin can merge multiple small field of view images into single larger field of view image. For example, if your 3D CBCT unit cannot capture both jaws, you can scan the mandible and maxilla separately and merge them using this 3D Stitching Plugin. It is the same process if your scanner cannot capture the entire dental arch. Simply scan the left arch and the right arch and merge them with the 3D Stitching Plugin. An excellent solution when you encounter a limitation with your scanner.

Stitching Top

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